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B1G1 or B2G1 or B2g2: Buy one, get one or Buy two, get one or Buy two, get two Blinkie: a manufacture coupon dispense machine that.

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Grocery Coupons Abbreviations, Acronyms & Terms

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This list of popular coupon acronyms should help you understand what the.

B1G1 or B2G1 or B2g2: Buy one, get one or Buy two,

Designed for individuals that want to save money using coupons.

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You can make these as simple or as elaborate as you want, either way, people just like to know someone is thinking about them.

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There are so many coupon abbreviations and slang words used in couponing.

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Savings With Brook.;. •One coupon per transaction~ Means you can only use one coupon for each transaction even if you have. •IDSO~ in...

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We get lots of questions here at The Coupon CarryOut Coupon Clipping service regarding the use of abbreviations in the couponing world. IDSO: In despearate search.You can register EZB products through ShareIt or PayPal-- that can guarantee security and allow you to select the most comfortable way of payment.They accept all.

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Beep - The sound a register makes when it recognizes a coupon discount is scanned.


This is broken down into sections: printable coupon sites, sites that show weekly matches to grocery and drug stores and coupon forums. IDSO-In desperae search of.

A list of all the most commonly used grocery coupons abbreviations, acronyms, lingo and terms.An approach similar to this is idso used by. coupon on the k-th security is paid on T that is.

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Coupon Lingo -

Coupon Lingo - A brief list of common used terms and abbreviations when communicating about coupons, sales, breakdowns, etc.

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Catalina: Coupon that comes out of a Catalina machine at the register. IDSO: In desperate search of IMHO: in my humble opinion (there are variations of.

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Check out the List below to better understand all the Couponing Lingo you might come.